4 Most Common Mistakes Clubs Make With Sponsors

1/ Don’t get clear on objectives

It’s crucial as a club you get clear about what value you’re creating for your commercial partners. Each partner is unique; if you don’t ask what success looks like for them and their business, you can’t deliver. Get clear on objectives

2/ Fail to set clear expectations

Assuming your commercial partner will ask if they want something, create content for you or check-in when they have questions is a mistake. Unmet expectations lead to disappointment and mistrust. Never overpromise, get clear on responsibilities and always do the things you’ve committed to- it shows your integrity!

3/ Don’t get proactive in making introductions and creating networking opportunities

There’s a saying; networks increase net worth. Getting proactive in using your club’s network to make introductions for like-minded business people is crucial. Actively looking for synergies for your commercial partners demonstrates you understand their business and that you’re committed to supporting them as they’ve supported you. Pick up the phone!

4/ Fail to measure ROI

Return on Investment is a relatively new term in commercial partnerships for grassroots sports; but it’s an important one. Most businesses don’t have space for ‘donations’ in today’s climate, so it’s essential club’s get business savvy and start measuring their impact.

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