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Brayden Mellon

The Designer

Brayden, the ideas man, is a passionate creative that has spent years working alongside elite sports teams coaching athletic performance. With a Bachelor in Exercise & Health Science and postgraduate studies in High Performance Sport, Brayden has spent almost a decade improving athletes on-field performance through strength and conditioning, and dabbling in everything design in his spare time.

After experiencing the gap in quality digital content and ad-hock nature of partnership engagements, Brayden saw an opportunity to turn his passion for creating into a business that boosted club professionalism and drove better value partnerships. Added bonus – Brayden now gets to spend his time doing one of his favourite things; enhancing and empowering positive sporting culture with digital content. In his spare time, you can find Brayden playing around with graphics in Adobe Photoshop or spending quality time his wife Lily and son Vinnie.

Fun fact: Brayden writes and draws left handed but uses his right side for everything else!

Annika Jamieson

The Connector

An energetic organiser, Annika is best known for loving a chat, connecting people and getting stuff done with infectious enthusiasm.

Learning new things and putting them into action is a life long pursuit for Annika, who has a Bachelor of Laws/Arts, is a certified Agile Scrum Master and Accredited Workplace Organisation Coach.

Annika’s most recent role was as COO of a fast-paced tech start up in Newcastle, where Annika drove the strategy development and implementation, prepared the company for scale and investment and was responsible for growing the leadership potential of senior team members.

In her spare time, Annika has created two social brands that celebrate women in sport, managed 6+ sporting club social accounts and performed short stints for the Melbourne Rebels and Rugby Australia in their marketing and communications teams.

Fun fact: amateur video editing and karaoke car pools are two of Annika’s favourite things to do in her ‘downtime’.